The Layla Renee Story

A lot of times the beauty industry sets a standard of how beauty should look like. I was one of those little girls in 4th grade on social media looking up to these big brands and noticing that beauty to them only looked one way. Throughout the years, I struggled with my self-esteem, always wondering how I can change my appearance to fit the these standards. Over time I would have depressed moments, looking at myself in the mirror in disgust and sadness. Only one person came and changed my perspective, GOD! Growing in my spiritual journey has allowed me to see my beauty from the inside, out. It didn't happen over night but with scriptures and affirmations, before I knew it I saw a complete change within. I make it a priority to share my story with other girls and young women as well as using my business as a platform to inspire and uplift. I decided that I was going to create my own definition of beauty which includes women from all backgrounds, races, sizes, and religions. No more allowing society to tell us who we are, we are now telling society who we are!


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